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Hi, first time posting here.
Was wondering if anyone could help.

So I got my first ever e39 (525d Saloon) back in Feb 20 with 138k miles on the clock, the front end suspension control arms were all shot. The bushings were all cracked and split. Brakes were pitted, warped and rusted. Brake pads had some meat on them, but were Eicher. All of the tyres were different. And the car vibrated, the steering juddered and brakes were all over the place with vibration and pedal pulsations, bare in mind, all of this happens at around 45 - 50mph.
So after a few quid spent on parts, I have now replaced all of the front control arms (lower and upper), track rod ends, new michelin tyres, all wheels, rebalanced (sever times I checked at different garages and all said they're all good) new brake disks and pads all around, new strut mounts and full alignment. The front end suspension is pretty much all new apart from shocks and springs, which are all in good condition.

Here's the big - however - the whole car still vibrates and it gets an intermittent steering judder at anything around above 70mph and a brake pedal judder/rumble at around 80mph and above.
Does it make sense to think that, because the rear end hasn't been touched, the rear bushing that connects the knuckle/hub to the big control arm is effectively shot, and this can create vibration through the whole car (mainly feel it in the seat and floor) sometimes through the steering wheel and brakes (when braking) because the rear end is not held together and wobbles the entire chassis like on an axis point (Front Solid, Rear Floppy). Kinda like a dog standing still but the tail wagging all over the place so the whole body is moving around while the paws are in one place (weird analogy, I know)

I guess my question is, can a loose rear end create vibrations and juddering powerful enough so it goes all over the car and through the steering and brakes?
Thanks in advance :)
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