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EGR Valve Replacement with an EGR Bypass Valve

BMW E39 525D M Sport with 158k

I did this today, as the car had over 150k and has been serviced compleatly by my self as there was service history up to 90k and then nothing and after reading lots about this i decided to replace the EGR Valve.

The EGR Valve on a 525D is situated just to the left of the power steering reservoir under the front engine cover

It will be the same for the 530D as well

Right, start by removing the 2 hex bolts hear

And another one tucked down hear

Then you will be faced with this, 1 X EGR Valve

I have placed the new one above to compare them

Undo the 2 jubilee clips, removing the turbo hose but DON’T pull the one on the left of just yet
There is also a small black rubber hose behind, that just pulls off.

Now, you need to carefully prise this of with a flat blade screw driver, once its loos it will come apart.

Don’t force this as it may break

After removing the 2 jubilee clips, undo the 4 10mm bolts holding the valve in place, it will then drop off.

And you will be faced with this

Give this a dam good clean, I used degreasent and break fluid to clean it up

And this was the inside of the EGR Valve

Then you put it all back together again,
And you will get this.

Then fit the turbo intercooler pipe back on

The kit came with a new Jubilee clip for this but I used the original clip as it was reinforced and stronger.

Then put every thing back on, secure it all down and go have some fun

I drove well over 50miles after doing this, windy roads, duel carrigway and was very happy with the result.

Did I notice any gains you are asking?

Well, F :lol: U :lol: C :lol: K Yes, it performed lots better, pulled better and the throttle response was way way quicker, also the MPG rose slightly from 39 to 42.5ish. :

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Nice one mate,was thinking of doing this on mine,being a bit thick here but is it just a blanking plate?

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