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First source your wheel. You either want an E36 ///M3 wheel and a set of buttons, or an E38/E39 wheel from a pre 09/1999 car. These are the single stage airbag cars. If you want an E46/E90/X5 or post 1999 E39 wheel prepare to deal with sliprings that don't match and dual stage airbag rewiring. I can't/won't help you there so don't ask. :)

Give the wheel a quick clean with a toothbrush and some fabric cleaner like Vanish.



You could clean the leather with soap and water to remove any shine from the grease from the PO's hands too. Nice. :confused

I stripped down the buttons and used thinners on the housings to remove the chipped plasticote stuff from the plastic.

Gave the LEDs a quick test. They light whenever the power is on.

You will need a pre 09/99 E38/E39 slipring, this is the unmistakable type with the wires hanging off it, note there are some extra wires for the MFSW, compared to the E36's two wires (horn, GND).

E39 slipring
2 VI Power
3 SW Cruise
4 WS iBus
5 Empty
6 BL Horn

Next I knocked up a few wires using some MQS pins and fan connectors.

I used a pink wire for the iBus because I used white on another project in the car already.
I used a blue wire for the cruise as that is what is on the vehicle side on the E36.
Use 1.0/1.5mm thin wall wire. Any thicker (2.5mm) won't fit in the connector.

Fitting the harness into the car

Slide off the connector protector and add in the new pins. The grey wire is for a future project.

Replace the cover and assemble.

Make the connections to the car.

Cruise signal Blue/Black wire at cruise swcith connector, connects to pin 24 on CC module. You will need an E39 CC module I think they got to HW08/SW03 but I'm not sure. Post 09/99 CC is integrated into the DME and the CC module was deleted. Solder and wrap in insulating tape.

IGN on connect to Violet/White.

Illum connect to Grey/Red (not used)

Push the fan connectors home with a flat screwdriver.

Connect the iBus line to the back of the radio, pin 7 yellow wire. Solder and wrap in electrical tape.

Next fit the wheel and slipring. Make sure to mark the column so the new wheel goes back on straight. Unplug the battery before unplugging the airbag.

Make sure the wires are tucked away and secure so they don't get pinched or rattle once assembled.

Lights off (sorry about the crap camera)

Lights on, again crap camera but you get the idea.

Sorted. The illumination is on full time, but not visible during the day even if you shade them with your hand, I was worried they would be visible and it would annoy me. They give off a soft glow that is not visible until the evening.
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