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Hi all this is my first post so forgive me for any errors I make.
My car was recently involved in an accident, I say recently but it was a couple months back. Now I chose BMW to repair any issues however they have done a bad job on fixing it. Not really bad but definitely not repaired.
The accident was a driver reversed into my door and thought he could get away with it. The fixes are as follows.
1. New door
2. Tracking done
3. New alloy where hit occurred
The problem is they have not tracked it properly or they have but the steering is slightly to the left, bear in mind it was perfectly straight prior to being hit.
There is wind noise above certain speeds and it’s frustrating.
For legal reasons they can’t test it due to the amount of speed and therefore say no fault so they won’t look into it. Finally, the door is a little loose on drivers side compared to passenger. Passenger is on solid.
What can I do because the body shop at bmw are being quite rude saying there’s nothing wrong when there is. Has anyone got any suggestions?
Don’t know if it helps but it’s an 18 plate F30 340i manual.

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I’ve had the same problems and been involved with many customers who have used berry bmw Chiswick Bobdy shop that have had major problems
I could write pages of problems they have caused including painting my the car 2 different colours

Send me a pm I’ll see if I can help

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