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Hi guys

After some advice, i have a BMW 525d E61 M-Sport which has done 140k miles and i am getting this whine that seems to be coming from the turbo area.

I have found this video on YouTube that pretty much has the same sound as what i am getting.

Can i get some advice i was told when i bought the car it had a new exhaust manifold as it started to smell really bad so i took it back and they said it had a crack so they replaced and that was about a year and a half ago about 30k miles ago

I have been to a few garages and they have said new turbo straight away but half they time they just say this as they want to make more money out of you

I am fairly ok with doing most work on my car as do most things on it but didnt want to risk doing a job that i may not have to so any help or advice would be so handy

Cheers in advance.
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