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Hi everyone,

My car has been running 100% ok and then randomly on start up it was lost power and stalled. I couldnt move the car at all.

I had the car recovered and its in the garage at the moment. The recovery said it sounded like fuel starvation.

I run the car on the petrol light regulary and the car (which i only bought 2 weeks ago) hasnt been serviced much (i think).

We got the fuel filter off and black coloured petrol came out of it, but we couldnt shake that much sediment out of it. Do you reckon its definitely the fuel filter?

Any other options it could be?

The garage its in at the moment says their diagnostics showed nothing on it which doesnt help much!

Im going to ring Darren Woods BMW specialists on monday (in manchester) and see if those guys can help.

Any ideas or suggestions from you lot would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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