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I have never seen this before but started the car, idle seemed rough, drove about half a mile and turned back, went to look under the engine and there was a hole in the rocker cover (right hand side) something seems to have shot out of the engine. Is it possible the timing chain guide as broke and smashed out ? car is a 2003 with 49k miles (UK, right hand drive) I'm still a little shocked as to what happened, never seen an engine with a hole in the rocker cover. I can only assume as the car did run albeit, it sounded like a diesel, that the timing has been knocked off. Any ideas, I'll need to remove the cover completely but is replacing all this a big job ? thanks for any input.

I will post a pic tomorrow, it's dark here 12.30am , the engine runs but rough and loud so I am pretty sure it's something to do with the timing belt guide or something.


I believe the top guide has gone but I'm sure someone out there will know if the chain should be visible in that position or if something (the guide) is missing. The car does start so I believe the timing has been knocked off a bit.
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