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You may have seen my previous posts about some genuine 3 series 'take off' wheels which have come off new 3 series, these have been incredibly popular this winter but we do have some left. I've driven on my first snow of the winter this morning at Tyremen HQ in Hull, if you've encountered snow and are still considering switching then we are still able to help you out with this.

You will see the package here, the wheels cost £399 and I can highly recommend the Continental winter runflats at £456 a set. I think these are competitively priced, the only people I can see who have them cheaper is Jungle Tyres that have them at £412.80, but if you buy a full package from Tyremen then we will fit the tyres, balance and deliver at no extra cost.

Let me know if you need any further info on these.

Many thanks.
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