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Hi guys,

So from about 5 days ago I tried to start my car as normal but realised that upon entering the key fob into the ignition slot a warning light appeared on my dash saying that the fob had ran out of battery (long story short, I had to order a new key due to both of my current keys not working AND they are sealed units so a simple battery replacement can’t be done)

Today, I pick up the new key, put it in the ignition slot and press the “STOP/START” button with my foot on the brake nothing happens.

So a couple of problems I noticed:

Central locking doesn't work 75% of the time. (The lights on the exterior of the car indicate that the car has been unlocked/unlocked but actually nothing happens)

Lights turn on but radio doesn’t.

Upon unlocking the car with the physical key, the alarm will sound before I press the unlock button on the remote.

I have tried all 3 keys with no joy and I have also tried jump starting the car in case the battery was dead.

During the jump start, the airbag sign was flickering, the hazard warning button was flashing and every time I pressed the brake, my dash would turn off until I released my foot off the brake.

I’ve been told that it could be the starter motor or a dead battery, please could someone help???
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