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Hi everyone ,

I'm new to the forum and extremely tired lol. I hope I'm posting this in the right place , if not then forgive me and I'll delete the post and move it to the correct place.
long story short - I was looking for a 1 series (just for a year as I accumulated 6 points and insurance has sky rocketed) .
I picked this specific model up on Monday and it had 73 K mileage.
When I looked at the car I heard a slight clicking kinda sound and questioned the dealer who assured me it was very normal and apparently his mechanic assured him of this .
The car runs perfectly fine however 2 of my friends have said the engine sound doesn't sound right and I should go to my local garage (helped my family or 20 years with cars) and ask them to check the sound .
I'm extremely busy over the next few days and need peace of mind .

Note: Dealer also gave 1 year warranty so I that's why I didn't check the clicking noise further , assumed he wouldn't sell me a car with a problem if he's giving warranty.
Also attached videos.
Thank you to anyone who can help :)

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