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Evening everyone.

Having an issue with the blower motor in my 2013 UK model 520d M sport tourer, got the burning smell coming through the vents about a week ago then few minutes later the unit packed in and no air coming through at all.

Anyway, got AA parts and labour cover which means having the AA guy come out saying yer you have a problem, then taking to the car to a garage of my choice (a mate of mine owns a local garage) then the AA cover the cost up to about £550 per claim.

The garage changed the blower motor and resistor unit (BMW parts) and I just got the car back but with hardly any air flow coming out of the vents what so ever (you can just literally feel it), although the fan sounds to be spinning up well. It does sound like the speed will increase and decrease as it should do. If I change position of vents it does not improve air flow either.

I spoke to the garage and they came up with some new fault codes that weren't there prior to the unit being changed, which were 801207-Blower output stage open circuit detected in load circuit (this one was there before). E70C2B- Fresh air flap motor not responding (wasn't there before). and a couple more related to recirculated air flap motor not responding and another for Fan output stage.......but they said there was nothing wrong with the fan and this is another fault that will need looking at (my mate who runs the garage wasn't there at this point unfortunately).

So, basically this didn't sound right to me anyway, so I did take a look at the connections of the fan unit-all seemed fine, checked all flaps were moving on request and I did lift the fan unit out and ran it up and to be honest it didn't feel very powerful air flow wise, but I haven't got anything to compare it to.......I also noticed by looking through the vent where the fan sits I could see the pollen filters (with the fan unit removed), so I put the unit back in and decided that there wasn't going to be anything else in line or blocking airflow at the pollen filter location, so I removed the filters then ran the fan unit up again fully.......very little air flow coming out or felt at this location which is very close to the fan.

My gut feeling is the new fan is faulty (the old one was blowing well unit it gave it and burnt out, so I doubt it's a voltage issue at that connection point-but I forgot to check earlier). I did read on here that someone had a similar issue, but they were supplied a left hand drive fan, I don't think this is the case with mine. I think I can get my mate to order a new one and try this as a process of elimination.

Has anyone experienced something like this before or any advise on this one?

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