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A Z4 Roadster I had in a couple of days ago, this one was booked in for a minor correctional detail over 2 days, an enjoyable car to work on with some big panels and interesting curves to keep me focussed.:D

Upon arrival Weds evening,

Plenty of polish in the panel gaps,

Engine bay in need of some attention,

1st application of BH Autofoam dwelling,

Apc and foam worked into the fabric roof,

Alloys cleaned in vain, inner rims are heavily pitted and corroded and are due to be refurbed at a later date, Tardis doing it's stuff,

Washed and dried in the normal manner, then clayed using Megs mild and heavilly diluted shampoo+ as lube,

Typical swirling and defects,

After trying various combinations, Fastcut+ and a drop of Ultrafina on a Pro-detailing combination pad was settled upon,


2-3 sets later and the wing was defect free other than the trademark BMW OP, pre-refinement,

Downside to using FC+, the dusting.:rolleyes:

Indicator lenses and badges polished using a German applicator & G-Techniq P1,

Paintwork refined using Menzerna 203s on a Megs polishing pad, bonnet and wings complete, then called it a day.

Day 2,

The rest of the paintwork refined, an IPA wipedown given and then followed up with Britemax #4 pad glaze applied via the PC on a 3m finishing pad,

Engine bay cleaned and dressed,

Fabric hood treated to CG fabric protectant in 2 coats and left to dry naturally,

Last dregs of Swissvax Best of Show applied,

Shuts and painted trim protected with Prime and Opti-seal,

Interior given the once over and leather cleaned and fed using Z-9 & Z-10,
Plastic trim and tyres treated with Blackfire gel,
Glassed cleaned throughout and sealed,
Chromework polished using Autosol,
A final dust down with the tickling stick and a wipedown with Z-8.

Thanks for looking as always.:thumb:

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Another lovely job there.

Thanks for making us feel completely inadequate :sarcastic

It's great to see what can be done when you know how to do it !


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great impresive work there, seems machine buffers are the easyist way of geting out swirls lol i think im gna buy the expesiv meguairs kitt for it ;)

where are your based? i could have some potential customers
how much did u charge to do z4 if u dont mind me asking ;)
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