Bonjour Everyone,

I have errors and weird things happening in my e91 car, I bought software from Bcables and certainly wanted to post a review.

I have a Dcan cable and decided to buy the software from, you may basically pay to download the software, I promply paid 19,99 pounds in order to download the software. Here is the link BMW Diagnostic Kit allows Coding, BMW ISTA Download Diagnostics and Fault Code Reset

I wrote straight away to the web site to ask for the link; no answer, I decided to promply start a paypal dispute.

Next day, I found a mail from a person whom I think is the owner of the site telling me that if I do not remove the dispute from Paypal he will not send the link to the software. I have kindly answered that the minute I recive the link I will remove the dispute.

It is now the end of the week end, ans as a BMW enthousiast you can all appreciate how frustrated I am not to be able to link one of my computers to my e91.

Though I'd share to avoid other enthousiast havinf the same sort if issue.

Kind regards to all !!


PS Hope my english is not too rusty.