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Hello all

New to the Forum having bought myself a 2004 645Ci Convertible, absolutely love the car. Am trying to find a solution for playing my music (iPhone 4S) on the cars audio system.

The only 2 solutions I can find are the Aux/iPod interface from BMW and the Denison Gateway 500. Both seem OK though bloody expensive at £360 - £500 fitted. The problem I'm having is both solutions seem to need coding by BMW as my car does not seem to have the level of Firmware that supports MP3 playback (this is required by either solution?)

So BMW have told me they can do the Firmware update/Coding for 1.5 hours labour (about £280) but there is a high risk of something going wrong, like the computer crashing .. and it is then my problem to fix.. really bizzarre when all I they need to do is "enable" an existing feature in the system..?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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