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I have a strange electrical issue with the audio system in my 530d 2008, the audio will work fine if the engine is off on accessory power however when the engine is started I get around 1min of audio before it cuts out for around the same time then comes back, often I can hear the CD player whirling away when this happens, this happens to all audio even the parking beepers.

I have tried using a MOST loop on the bluetooth MULF with no improvement. I have also tried pulling the fuse on my CD changer, no improvement. I am not sure what to try next, perhaps the amp? I just don't understand why its only when the engine is on. the Idrive screen stays on and is responsive during the audio silence.

Battery was changed a few months ago (before I purchased) and the voltage seems very good.

Any ideas similar experiences? I have read various other threads that all seem to have slightly different symptoms and are fixed with the Mulf bypass

Many Thanks
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