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Evening all,

quick question doing a set of lower arms on my 330ci sport - apparently these are different variation?

but basically got a set of lemforder front arms from ecp im assuming they are right they look right and euros cant possibly **** that up!

ive ordered a set of eccentric lollipop bushes for the arms as well - the purple powerflex ones however.... on google these are for a m3? and on the powerflex site.

so curious if they are the same for 330s and m3s -

BMW E46 M3 99-06 Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bushes Caster Adjust PFF5-5601GM3 | eBay

my judgement however is that they are not and as per usual euro car parts have supplied the wrong parts...

Ive tried putting the bushes on the arms and well its loose - arm diameter is about 21 or so mm on a vernier and bush internal is about 22.5 or so

not sure if it tightens and or clamps down with the sleeve pressed on,

wondering if someone could clarify, I have fitted a set of these before to my e30 and and I well remember they were most definitely not loosely fitted, pretty pointless if that is the case id have thought....
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