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Not an E60 but...


I have an iPhone hooked up in my 320D and it works fine however, I have to change out the "professional" stereo for a Kenwood.

The iPhone connects through the back via the white Apple cable which I have going into the small compartment to the right of my steering column. This is a neat solution for me however it does reduce the practicality of using the phone functions. The iPod functionality works through the head unit flawlessly.

It isn't a problem for me not having easy access to the phone as such as I have a work Blackberry and hands-free for that...

You could also connect via an external AUX socket which I used to do before changing my stereo out. That works fine but you obviously have to use the iPhone to change songs which I wasn't so keen on.

Good luck

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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