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i am based near twickhenham, sw london/surrey border. i have an odbc type one ECU, my car is an e36 '93 320i automatic.

trying to work out what needs to be done first, some people on the forum have kindly helped me and i am now thinking an o2 sensor is amiss or the fuel injectors.

so now i am thinking, is there anyone nearby with a code reader that would be able to help me read my ECU codes? i am not rolling in the good stuff but i am sure i will be able to furnish you with a pack of beers, some banter and willing to lend a hand in the future if needs be. i can come to you or you can come to my backyard.

i have just got a garage so no more getting wet :hihi and i am happy to offer my tools and time to fellow enthusiasts.

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