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Hi being a new member i just want to know where you guys take ur Beemers for having work done. Any decent specialists in west yorks..any Yorkshire lads out here!

Any experiences welcome......

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Go to Autotechnic near Meadowhall.

I've literally just picked up my car from this garage after it was recommended as a good independent BMW specialist garage.
The Car was in for a Oil and Micro filter change.

Well, I can honestly say this garage is top notch. I have never had such a good customer service ever from any garage including BMW 'D'$tealers.

I work in Sheffield and on dropping my car off, i was in the back of one of there courtesy shuttle BMW's on my way into the city centre.
3 hours later i get a call to say the work has been completed and the car is currently getting valeted.

On arriving back at the garage, i was given a detailed understanding on what they have done including any issues or problems they saw while doing the service. (Issues i mean things i could go back to BMW with as part of the warranty)

The guy who did the work for me was called Ross who seemed a decent mechanic, who knew his stuff about the car.

If anyone is interested in going to this place its next to the Meadowhall shopping Centre Sheffield.

I can recommend them. And i will now always go here.. (also FYI BMW $tealers wanted £229 for the Oil change, Autotechnic Charged me £129) ** Oil Filter was BMW, and Oil was the same as is in the car when manufactured, top quality stuff.

Details of Autotechnic are.
Contact Bob on 01142424455

Hope the write up helps anyone in the Yorkshire area who is looking for a cheaper AND better service than that of the BMW $tealers.
Iain Smith
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