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Hey fellas,
Ok I have a super annoying knock/creak sound from the rear drivers side of my E30 325i cab. I've replaced drop links, anti roll bar bushes and rear shock top mount.. its still there and getting louder.! Whenever the weight of the car is displaced to the rear it sounds. It never does it when the car is in motion or over bumps.. only taking off or going up a ramp to my drive..

I took some videos this morning, perhaps someone can chime in and give their opinion/experience.!

First is with the tonneau open looking into the void for the shock mount. [at 7 seconds, 13 seconds and 16 seconds]

Second is inside the cabin at the back where the roof is fixed to the body. [at 7 seconds and 15 seconds.]

IMG 0960 - YouTube

Any input is appreciated.!
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