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Apologies if this has been answered millions times but I wanted to find specific answers to my question.

Is it wise to leave a dash cam connected to the cigarette lighter port at all times or when I believe it might be some use in certain areas when parking for long periods of hours?. I've read that the power cuts out after 10-15 minutes but see other posts saying that the power is constantly on. So, which is it?

This answers my question but wanted to double check: One night I forgot to disconnect my dash cam and noticed it was recording, obviously with motion sensor option on. Pretty good to have if you're security concerned, which I am, but I'm worried with how much its drawing from the battery. Since leaving it on that night, I have always been disconnecting it but felt like it avoided the purpose of the dash cam at night when the car is parked. Regardless if the motion sensor is on or off, I still see blue LED light coming off my duel USB car charger plug.

I've seen posts about tapping into the glove box area or the wire that linked to the ignition but I have no interest in touching the wires as that's going bit far.
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