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first of all thanks to joe and any of the other members for the help in the installation on my angel eyes CCFLs.

i have noticed though that people have a slightly different version of the CCFL angel eyes to those of joe and many other members. these CCFLs have a piece of plastic across the top of them and many have had difficulty fitted them. i have come up with a solution that makes it possible of fitting these snugly in the headlamps.

Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere just wanted to shed light as i didn't see it anywhere.

please look at the pictures for cross referencing to the instruction and to use as a model.

Once again be VERY careful when handling the CCFLs they do crack easily and you may not be able to tell until you try them and they don't work (yes i went through the problem :mad)

1. Start by removing your headlamps as described in joes step by step.
2. Split the headlamp in two.
3. The CCFLs will fit on the outside of each lens so to do so we must removed the actual lenses. Do this by cutting the seal off with a stanley knife. you should be able to remove the lens with your bar hands if not use a screwdriver GENTLY.
4. Next insert the rings INTO the headlamp
5. Next using the double sided tabs included in the kit put them around the ring of the CCFL.
6. Slowly place the lens back onto the headlamp. You will notice that the ring will automatically stick to the lens (please make sure this is cleaned prior the sticking the outcome will be so much better)
7. Now simply using ordinary sealant (i used bathroom sealant) reseal the lens to the headlamp.
8. Carry on the steps in joes step by step as normal

Any question please don't hesitate to contact me :thumbsup

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Ive retitled it guys. :thumbsup
Thanks very much for the guides, you two will make my life easier.
Joe, could you post a link to this thread into your one for me please mate...:D
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