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MY aircon started blowing cold only on 1 side of the car two weekends ago. Passenger side was ice cold but drivers side was outside temperature and got slightly cooler after 15 mins but nowhere near passenger side. This last weekend it went to worse where the passenger side wasnt blowing enough cold air for me to stay cool and I had to open the windows to stop overheating. The drivers side was only outside temp air.

This confirms a leak to me, I dont have the time and money for someone to pull the dash and engine bay apart looking for a leak. Has anyone used a sealant before and would anyone advocate using something on an e70?

I had the aircon recharged/serviced two months back and it worked great until 2 weeks ago. When I switch the Aircon on I can hear something behind the dash pressurize, something like a tyre being inflated to a high pressure. Is this significant or am I being over analysing.

Thanks in advance
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