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Some advice gratefully received:

I have a 435D, probably one of the best cars I've had! And the A/C has just stopped working, 2 months out of warranty... grrr.

So, I've paid the £90 to find out the condenser has failed (not due to damage) but the dealer has requested a BMW contribution. This has now come back and BMW are willing to compensate 100% of the cost of the part but not fitting or the gas.

I've found quite a lot of out of warranty claims for this fault on this model being fully covered. They haven't told me how much the part costs or how many hours labour is needed to fit so am a little in the dark about that.

Initally I was pleased to hear this but now wondered why they would offer 100% of the part replacement outside warranty, but not fit it.... I wonder if they would let me take the part to an independent?

The initial quote was £850 and made me think about trading in the car.... Not sure what I would get though.

Could you offer any advice?
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