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Hi :thumbsup

Finally got on the forum after 3 days of waiting for an activation email then having to re-register :duh.

anyway I've had a few bmw's in my time, 4 e30's (325i auto, 325i manual, 327i and a 328i) and an e28 m535i.

Im picking up an e39 535i next week, got some plans for it and will be using it for drifting. Im gonna do it cheap and nasty to start with (IE cheapo ebay coilovers, welded diff etc) as I've got a few drift days comming up and I just want to drift it straight away rather than spend loads of money on it, but then slowly I want to improve it with some decent Parts (IE: decent coilovers, decent clutch and lightweight flywheel, make it look pretty etc) and swap the engine out for a 4.4 eventually.

I will start a project thread when i've picked it up and started tinkering with it.

hopefully I can get lots of Info on here as to what to do and not what to do

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