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Hi there fellow forumers.

I've seen a delightful 2012 BMW 3 Series 2.0 318d Touring. High Mileage though at 147k. Private sale at £2900 for what was a £30k car.

We've just let our ultra reliable 2008 Mondeo go - family runabout that was written off after the local bin lorry side swiped it on the street so I need to get it right. insurance firm paid market value so I'm royally knackered less the excess.

The BMW has had 2 owners, manual, documented FSH, claimed 80% motorway mileage and is up for £2900. Checked the MOTS and nothing but advisories on each test. It seems too good to be true, but I'd value peoples opinions on what I need to look out for when I take it out for a test drive on Sunday.

I've heard horror stories regarding timing chains and the engines eating themselves, but I only need the car for 10 miles a day and to last me 2/3 years.

I'm afraid our budget is firmly set at £3000 as I've had too many kids and my other cars a Range Rover.

Many thanks,
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