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Advice? N53 on 2007 E61 LCI 523i - EML light on - High & low fuel pressure errors & lambda sensor/probe warnings?

Looking for advice on the most likely cause of this EML light.
My 2007 E61 LCI manual with N53 engine has covered 199k km (123k miles)
The EML came on a few days ago on startup.
Car starts, runs and drives normally.
I ran INPA and got the following 6 errors, summarised here:

1: error locationNr: 10716 error locationtext: 0x29DC Cylinder Injection Shutdown
P-code: P142F Cylinder injection cut-off - pressure too low in low-pressure system

2: error locationNo: 10797 error locationtext: 0x2A2D Low pressure fuel system, fuel pressure
P-code: P3096 Low pressure fuel system - minimum pressure below

3: error locationNr: 10738 error locationtext: 0x29F2 High-pressure fuel system, fuel pressure
P-code: P3090 Fuel injection pressure volume-controlled - minimum pressure undershot

4: error locationNr: 11420 error locationtext: 0x2C9C Lambda sensor heating in front of catalyst, activation
11420 0x2C9C Lambda sensor heating upstream of catalytic converter
P-code: P0030 Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1, in front of Catalyst) - Malfunction or Line Break

5: error locationNr: 11434 error locationtext: 0x2CAA Lambda probe before catalyst, temperature
P-code: P3026 Lambda probe temperature measurement (bank 1, upstream of catalytic converter) - operating temperature not reached

6:error locationNr: 11430 error locationtext: 0x2CA6 Lambda sensor heating in front of catalyst, function
P-code: P0135 Oxygen sensor heating circuit (bank 1, upstream of catalytic converter) - malfunction

I can post/attach the full logs if anyone thinks it would help.

I cleared these errors and the EML light went out, but came back on 2 days later on startup.
The same codes are back again upon scanning.

What is the most likely cause?
Any advice on what to check next? Are there sensor or mixture settings or similar that I can monitor in INPA?

I'm only guessing, but is it likely to be one of the following?
Fuel pressure sensors (are there 2 on this N53 - high/low?)
Lambda sensors - is there a fool proof way to check these - how many are there?
Some crack in the air intake system fooling the car into the lambda errors?
Faulty PCV valve - Oil cap is not difficult to remove while running - I don't hear whistling?

Other info:
On cold mornings I notice a lot of white water vapour from the exhaust during the first 10 minutes of driving.
All 6 plugs, coils and injectors (index 11) were recently changed and successfully cured a rough idle and occasional misfire.
Car does not loose water/coolant between services. Oil usage is acceptable.

What would you try next to cure the EML?


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I get most of the same from my N53 525i. Currently it looks like the fuel pressure sensor is the most likely culprit however I have good information that most of the errors on the newer petrols can be tracked back to the crank case vent system.
I'm probably going to change the sensor on mine as a first pass to see if that clears things up.

I would also recommend the use of the best fuel you can get your hands on. I switched from supermarket to Shell nitro and most of the instances of the EML disappeared. Since they started putting ethanol on the Shell stuff I've gone back to supermarket and the EML has started to come back again.
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