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Follow Tim's great DIY for clearing the drains then if you don't want to have to worry about the front's again create these.
I'm afraid I don't own a convertible so I can't create anything for the rear drains though.
Tools used:
2mm Stainless Steel Mesh
10mm Rubber Edging
0.2mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire

Remove the Pollen filters and their undertrays, cut the mesh to the shape of the trays (they aren't the same shape so do each separately), put the edging round the outside of each and cut to length then tie it in using the needle/wire, see the below thread for a better understanding.
I've had these setup for a while now and have never suffered blocked drains since, because the wire is so close to the bottom of the pollen filters it means nothing gets under there so clearing them is now just a case of lifting the bonnet and picking out the leaves/debris from around the filter housings, you don't even need to remove the pollen filters.
I find that once a year I take them out (usually after the Autumn), give the trays a wipe and the mesh a clean, put a bit of water down the drains just to check and put it all back together, never had a problem since putting these in.
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