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Motech has been tuning car's for the past 3 years and our tuning is proven over 10 year's.

We have a unit in Wellinbrough Northampton near santa Pod.. ;)
This year will see use push more of our re-map. From Dec 08 we can now flash 99% of BMW's out there.. the tools we use let us do this via the service port (OBD2) A lot of other tuners still need to take the lid off the ECU and stick a new chip on...
We supply Northampton Audi , Bedford Audi , Bedford VW , skoda and Mazda Northampton, Autovouge , and a few other car sales with re-maps

As for the other parts we see are BM sport cat's and Scorpion exhauts.
We run a BMW E90 320d (163hp) now more like 205... !We have had a E30
M3 that you may have seen at a few track days. (DMT 1T) and are looking to get a E46 for the track later in the year.

If you ever over near use in Northampton pop over for a chat be good to meet some of you.

Hope to see you soon

Mike Hodder .
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