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I have a 2010 320d Touring, which is pretty loaded. Wood trim, pro-computer, EfficientDynamics, black leather, factory towbar and upgraded rear suspension. It's been serviced at the dealer since new, my Dad owned it until I did.

I absolutely love it, it's in class A nick, a few minor scratches and stone chips showing 10 years and 100k miles of use, but nothing that is easily noticeable from a metre away. Mechanically it has never wanted for anything, has never been abused, and is running like new. I can get 65 mpg on the motorway, and can't make it go lower than 49mpg average if I'm in a hurry. (I am a pretty sedate driver.)

Fortunately for the place I live (a London suburb) new rules mean Euro 5 diesels and below will be charged daily for road usage from October. Unfortunately for me, that means I'll have to get rid of the car. I'll be getting on that in late summer.

In the meantime, I love owning and driving this car, I'm wondering if anyone out there has something similar, with a petrol engine. The rules on petrol models in London are much more flexible, and I would consider a straight swap or swap and a little cash in either direction if someone is looking to save money on the fuel for longer journeys.

I'm open to ideas.
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