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I am hoping someone will be able to help me as I have been trying to get this to work for some time.
I have an oem alarm on my bmw but have switched it off with the key and instead use a remote central locking kit purchased from ebay. I decided not to use the factory remote locking because the bmw fobs would only work at close range and the ebay kit works from much further away.
Anyway, I have been looking into fitting a siren that would make a chirp sound similar to the chirp from a clifford alarm when locking and unlocking the car.

After finding a siren that chirps and listening to it on youtube I ordered one. Its a DEI 514LN soft chirp siren. Now this is the point I could do with some help!
My locking kit has a 12v positive siren wire which is live for a second or less when the doors are locked or unlocked. I wired the new siren to this wire but instead of a chirp the siren is sounding the alarm tone for a second or less!! I can already hear some of you laughing! Maybe I should have just bought a clifford alarm! :hihi

Would this siren only chirp if wired to an alarm module and if so can anyone explain what the alarm module does differently to produce the a chirp and not sound the alarm? There is a pcb on the back of the siren with a 555 timer and some resistors if that helps.

Thank you for reading my thread and many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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