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Hi all

I have a 2002 530d se auto 120k miles full service history very well looked after one owner car regular servicing.

Owned the car for six months and 10k miles with no issues and enjoyed the power from kick down however about 4k miles ago on hard kick down from standstill just as the car normally changes from 1st-2nd gear at high revs car juddered or surged and would not change up !

Then was ok and done it again week later !

Gradually got worse now car will drive fine and change through the gears as long as you apply gentle pressure to accelerator as soon as you kick it down judders, Also now on occasion more so when engine warm foot to the floor no revs allowing 25 mph.

Have a friend who works at BMW as a chief technician who kindly put it on the computer showed no fault code, He gave me software update but without further triald error investigation does not have a clue.

Car was almost perefct again 95% now worse than ever.

Sometimes a smell of fumes in cabin when starting/switching off engine.

I have heard possible explanations on here as Maf Sensor, Cracked Manifold etc does anyone have any ideas ??

Would be really greatful for any advice, Tempted to stick a MAF new Sensor in but at £120 a piece bit of a gamble.

Many Thanks
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