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I hope someone can help.

The channel cover,exterior,door, front left on my bmw f10 (chrome trim) on the passenger door is coming away/sticking up by 3mm ish towards the door handle on my 2013 F10, I would like to know can this be fixed without replacing it?

I don't wish to spend a fortune if it's just a simple case of a £1 clip. I've searched a lot but not found anything about clips for this, not even a YTube video. It's all for older models and does not show the clips, if even has 1.

I'd love to know the name of the clip or part number, even a video or picture would be a great help.

I'm confident I can do it but wanted to ask here before messing with it. I managed to clean my water filter for washer fluid and get it working again by just reading advice on here. :D

Thanks Rick.
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