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As the title says, i had the one button black BMW AC38 type fob (for the sigma 3T alarm) for over a year since owning the car, it had the corner cut off so was unable to attach to a keyring, but the inevitable happened and I've finally lost it, whilst armed!...
I've removed the fuses for central locking and Hazards to get me from A-B in emergencies without deafning everyone only it leaves me without indicators, which isn't safe at all!

I spoke to scorpion alarms, who said the type of replacement fob I needed was a Sigma AC110 fob, so I've purchased this, I had spoken with Peter Vardy BMW dealer in Edinburgh who made an attempt at reprogramming it today (the guy was a bit skeptical) but failed in doing so (apparently his equipment wasn't compatible?)

I've tried looking for the module behind the glove box etc.. (whatever good that would do?) I wouldn't want to even attempt ripping out, I really don't have the budget for an aftermarket alarm, I'd like to just get this programmed somehow..?
Or if anyone has any other suggestions? or knows ANYWHERE near Edinburgh that can program 3T alarms? would be awesome.

Any advice is muchly appreciated guys!


1996 328i coupe.
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