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I've seen little snippets of posts suggesting that simply replacing the receiver on the alarm module with the unit from a 3G Mk2 essentially means you have the "better" version without any wiring hassle.

Is it actually possible, or am I better off looking for a good remote and receiver pair from a car fitted with the 3G Mk1?

Up to now, I've considered the stupid thing (alarm) "not worth the hassle," after my experiences last year accidentally setting it off while investigating soldering patterns on the receiver module and trying to make it work. Two pins shorted and armed the system...
Should've disconnected the battery in the first place. Lessons learned. Easy fix, though: key in ignition and switched on when reconnecting battery disarmed the unit.

After some recent events, however, I'm reconsidering my previous stance. The condition of the alarm sensors and siren are a bit of a worry, though, although when it was last working prior to me getting it in 2013, there were no issues with the system.
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