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Hi all recently brought a 330ci some may have seen my post before i brought it

The oil light came on a few days after i got it.I put half a litre of shell 5w 30 which im used to doing in my old 2.0 tfsi audi,iv since drove maybe 250 miles and the light came back on so iv put another half a litre while checking the dipstick,seemed to need another quart and showed full on the dipstick.I expected oil use but this seems excessive.I have tried the ccv test by removing the filler cap and its easy to remove.I have just drove a few miles and checked the engine after 5 minutes shutdown (as per the manual says) and it shows just above minimum now

I have always checked oil after its stood for a night but a few searches of the forum and it seems that 5 minutes after shutdown for these engines is normal.
I have also read that someone had the wrong dipstick in their's for 40k so can anyone confirm i have the correct dipstick as in the manual it shows a different one with bigger spacing between min and max.I dont know if the engine changed after facelift or not?

One more issue seems to be intermittent power loss low down in the rev range.I had it scanned when i brought it and the previous owner payed for a coil and plug and new thermostat,a cam sensor showed up and he said it could be to do with the misfire.I went back to garage yesterday had them check it again and the cam sensor along with misfire has gone now but exhaust sensor after cat bank 2 is showing now which he has cleared and said come back in a week.I have done some research on the cam sensors and it seemed maybe the intake one was faulty with my sympthoms but it isnt showing up now.Sometimes it feels fine and other times it just hasnt got the torque low down its hit and miss.Could it be the 02 sensor or maybe the cam sensor even though its not showing anymore

Any help appreciated
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