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Getting a continuous beeeeeep when I go into reverse (manual gearbox).
All four rear sensors are ticking, so tend to think they are all ok.
Diagnostics indicate fault with part 9115432 which is the PDC.

I cannot for the life of me find the PDC.
It is a 330 cd so convertible and a 56 plate, so pretty much the last of the E46 convertibles.
I have had the boot apart and carpet out - it is not on the O/S where the battery, roof gubbins and fuel cap malarky is; It's not behind the boot trim which has the boot catch right in the center; It's not on the N/S which has the CD multichanger.

Where the jiggery-pokery is the damned thing on my 56 plate 330 cd?
All pointers much appreciated.
Mr Google seems much conflicted on this topic, and the picture from - Online BMW Parts Catalog is an outright lie!
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