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Hi guys just trying to clarify a few things i am in the process of setting up my map for my megasquirt 2 on my M50b25 NV, i am running 8:5:1 compression with a HX35, i am just wanting to clarify a couple of things with the ignition table,

1- am i right in thinking that upto 100kpa i can use pretty much stock timing and maybe even slighlty higher at lower levels due to the lower compression?

2- i will be only starting with a 5 psi spring in the tial wastegate but will be running the table to about 10 psi in hopes of upping the boost as i figure out any running issues.
after the 100kpa marl i want to be retarding timing about 1 degree per pound of boost as far as ive read up but i will probably retarding timing a bit nore than that to start with just so i can work my way up to just below knock limit, does this sound about right for a good starting strategy ?

i will be getting a full dyno session but i will be road tuning at first for a safe but driveable short period of time to iron any other issues out before going any further.

any help clarifying my questions would be great thanks
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