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is there a clear guide to remove the manifold on my 330d sport 2001. i recently got at my egr valve and am now feeling brave enough to check out my swirl flaps , my local garage wanted 400 quid to do this:eek,

when i do clean the flaps will this throw up any error codes when i put it back together ?

the egr step by step guide was fantastic, so a really good step by step manifold removal for this car is really what i need to be able to achieve this,

thanks so much

wish me luck, its along walk to work on monday:rofl

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Disconnect battery.

Remove top cover on engine

Undo the pollen filter top and remove with filter

Unscrew pollen filter housing (cables/hoses which run in front of this housing must be un-clipped and removed from the trunking before pollen filter housing can be removed.The cables/hoses will just rest across the engine)

The whole engine will now be exposed - now remove the sound proof cover at rear of engine (2 bolts) this can be tricky to remove if not removed before. Mine had a cable clipped to the bottom of the cover right at the back so if it does not pull out have a look and see if the cable clip is still in place.

Unclip the 2 hoses from the EGR valve and also the air supply hose to the valve.

Unbolt dipstick holder clip from manifold

Top of manifold - unplug all the injectors and undo the 2 little torx head bolts (5mm socket) which hold the harness. There is a plastic clip to remove which you will notice on the top branch of the manifold. The harness can now be slid towards the injectors and this should release the keyslot type clip which holds it to the manifold. The harness can now be swung out of the way.

Release sensor cable grommet from rightside of manifold

Now working from inside to outside of the manifold undo the 8 top bolts (10mm socket) and then the 5 nuts (11mm socket) which are located on the studs. (These are NOT mega tight at 10 and 15 Nm of torque and SHOULD NOT be murdered up when replacing)

The bolts are capsulated and will not fall out of the manifold but the nuts WILL fall if not careful when removed.

Remove the 3 electrical connectors - all are on the right hand side of the manifold - all have metal clips that must be pushed to release them. There is one right at the back of the manifold, one at the front about 10 cm behind the EGR valve and one about 10 cm from the rear of the manifold.

Pull off the 3 vacuum pipes - 2 below the EGR flange at the front of the manifold and one halfway along the right side. There is also a striped vacuum hose which is close to the dipstick mounting on the manifold - this can be left on since it is connected to the valve that operates the swirl flaps ie the other end of the hose is connected to the manifold so not much point in removing it.

A guide that ive had saved for a while, Hope it helps you
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