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Hello. I wanted to request some advice on a problem that has had me tearing out my hair, and that I can't find the answer to anywhere. Apologies if I've missed an existing thread, please feel free to redirect me.

The climate control on my 520d seems to work absolutely fine, cooling the cabin well, most times during the year. I had the refrigerant topped up earlier in the year and it re-gassed fine. When it gets warm outside (over 25 deg c), however, the climate control stops pumping out any cold air at all. When this happens, I've noticed that the aux engine cooling fan seems to be permanently roaring at full blast, and I think that perhaps the air conditioning switches off when the engine cooling fan is roaring at full blast in an attempt to reduce engine strain to aid engine cooling. My commute is only 15 mins or so, and so not really time for the engine to overheat, and the engine temp on the dash looks fine. Has anyone heard of the air conditioning stopping when the engine cooling fan comes on max?

I was wondering, perhaps, if there could be some problem with the thermostat on the engine cooling fan, which causes it to kick in unnecessarily, which then has the knock-on effect of switching off the air-con, or perhaps there could be a problem with the radiator water pump, or the coolant?

Does anyone have any ideas? Grateful for any thoughts you could share. Regards. Gresh.
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