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Can anyone help.

A heap of messages have came up on my BMW, a few are, ABS, Steering<brakes, Level control.
There's no power steering,
Fuel gauge is fluctuating
Speedo doesn't work,
wont let me change from normal to sport etc.

Any clues anyone?

I have tried disconnecting battery, I have checked for water in modules, checked fuses.
I have charged the battery and Belt is ok.

The car drives fine starts first time so no issue there.

I am at a loss and no garages open to look at the problem.

A friend did say leave battery disconnected overnight which I will do tonight.


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Personally I’d say you have got a loose ground connection somewhere. These all seem like dissimilar issues so a dodgy ground point would be my best guess.

The only way to really get to grips with this though would be to have a wiring diagram showing all the ground point connections dotted around the car and try to work out which one is loose / corroded / high resistant.

The fluctuating fuel gauge is the one that leads me to that conclusion by the way, having worked on aircraft for many years it’s amazing how many weird and wonderful electrical faults can be apparent due to one bad earth.

Test meter or even better scope time I reckon.

That said BMWs do also do weird stuff if the battery is giving out so I would t rule that out too. Do an off load voltage check of the battery after it’s been left overnight , should be around 12.4v if in good condition, anything much less than that would indicate a new battery should be considered.

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