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Dear Forum

My rear wiper does not work. Upon closer inspection, the motor still works, but what ive realised is that the spindle [sorry for lack of better term] of the wiper mechanism itself on the glass opener of the boot doesnt reach into the recess of the motor in the boot frame. Ive never needed to look at this part before but realised i can move the wipe myself while the boot is open, so no corrosion or seizure in the wiper mechanism, but i can also move it freely when the 2 are closed together. My spindle protrudes about a millimetre or so. Pictures i see of this part online have the protrusion around 10mm, hence the reason is doesn't reach the recess in the motor.

It doesn't look like its snapped off. Is the Spindle spring loaded? Is it possible that is pushed itself up and become stuck so i only need to free it? The spring loaded nature could make sense as what would happen if someone accidentally moved the wiper while glass was open and smalling glass shut would damage the spindle? [as i do have children that so these types of things...]

Or more likely the spindle has snapped and its a quite a clean break, and i need to replace the mechanism?
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