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Being new to BMW im a bit green on everything to do with equipmentand what i can add in or what is standard but here goes.

One thing i dont have (that i know of) is DAB. An initial look in the boot doesnt reveal much as im not sure what im looking at :D

What i want to know is have i got all the bits needed (or most of them) to just activate DAB in the code?

I'm aware from reading other posts that looking at the back of the CD player in the dash may reveal DAB aerial ports but im yet to do that bit.

I have a 2010 E92 320d Auto with CiC(?) and USB in the glove box and USB/Aux in the armrest. No DAB options currently present in the i-Drive menus.

A VIN Search came up with what i understand is a list of stuff my car came with, some of which are listed below...

S609A Navigation system Professional
S694A Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer
S698A Area-Code 2 for DVD
S6FLA USB/Audio interface
S6VCA Control for Combox

Any help would be hugely appreciated so i know what to look for and how much its going to cost to get DAB up and running.

Cheers! :)
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