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I searched the internet and the forums but couldn’t find an answer. I have a 2010 120d coupe with only one key. What’s the easiest and cheapest way to get a spare one? I suppose dealership will charge me a fortune. If I get the one from the link below, is there a simple procedure to program it or is special equipment/software required?

I don’t have comfort access if it makes any difference and as it will be a spare, I just need it to be able to unlock and start the car.

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We make,cut the blade and program bmw keys

The offer we have on at the moment and your car is £95

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New and fully refurbished BMW/Alpina ,Ecus (DME,DDE)and Cas units.
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BMW remote Keys made and cut same day with or without car even if all keys lost we can supply you a key like the dealers do.
Key data fixed for non starters or when theft attempted.
Correction of Engine ECUs Cas and key fitted to your car (when a key set from a different car has been used).
Digital Service Records rest and corrections in idrive screen on 2013 onwards cars.
DPF repairs fixed without the need of removal of its guts or replacement.
40% of my work is repairing the problems that are caused by other tuners remap

For more info look in our section under sponsors on this forum

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great price that jason...might even get one for my 330d,,but i know i would have to send you the key i have thats the problem
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