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I hope someone can help me please. We have recently purchased a 2010 X5 M Sport - and unfortunately we've had a raft of issues. Cutting a long story short I cannot be bothered to go back to the dealer (again) but the tab that is used to direct the flow on the passenger side air vent was not attached to anything and so came off in my wife's hand today when trying to redirect the air flow!! It therefore needs re-fitting. I have two pieces - the 'tab' itself with a chrome tip and then a separate 'prong' that presumably sits within the vent and is attached to the tab. Can anyone assist with instructions to re-fit please. I presume the vent unit needs removing but although the lower right hand corner lifts away slightly the remainder of the unit remains firmly in place. The chrome trim beneath the vent is also attached to the vent. Are there any screws hidden or does it need a bit more force? Not to worry this could mean a further trip to the dealer :mad
Many thanks
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