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Hi All

I am seriously thinking of trading my fantastic and much loved 3 series in for a 90k- 120k miles, 2010 or 2011 520d , with an Auto gearbox if i can get one for the right money, if not it ill be a manual.

I will put on about 20K a year and expect to keep it for 4 to 5 years so I need to be pretty certain it will last that long!!! I just drive on motorways at 70-80 mph so hopefully this will prolong the life a bit.

I'm after general thoughts on how nice they are for living with when driving this kind of mileage., the reviews say they are good, comfy and solid, and my current 3 Series is brilliant but I want to know if they are still nice over 100k.

More specifically, if trying to get opinions on if I go down the Auto route, is there any known faults (gear box likely to fail, that sort of thing), if I go down the manual route, whats the life time of a clutch, how much for a new one. etc

More generally, is there any problems for Autos or Manuals with regards timing chains etc, or any thnig that's going to bite me or my wallet?

Also, just general user experience, I'm hoping to get 47 mpg, is it obtainable, do things need fixing often, anything to check for when buying...

Any thoughts at all would be welcome


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