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I recently purchased a 2007 318D with M47 engine and following a bit of reading decided to give it some TLC by cleaning the inlet manifold and EGR valve. It's all back together and runs ok except for the nasty fault code - P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected.

In my meagre understanding this means one of 2 things - either the EGR valve is not opening or the sensor that measures the exhaust gases is not detecting correctly (which sensor would this be?)

Now to come clean - in cleaning the EGR valve I ended up soaking it first white spirit and then in hot water and detergent. After leaving to dry and before refitting I was blowing through the pipe the vacuum line attaches to, to remove as much of the water as I could. Is it possible that the vacuum line could have filled up with some water so cannot open the valve? Where would the water get sucked to - would it in theory eventually clear any water that was in the diaphragm area of the EGR valve? Is it possible to test the valve opens by sucking on it - or is it way more vacuum than I could muster?

The only other thought I have is if I have not re-connected a sensor but I guess I would have a different fault to the one I see.

Any help appreciated.
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