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Hi guys,

Here's a daft question, been using my car all week. It's now covered in salt from the motorway.
What's the safest way of cleaning it.
I don't want to use a MIT as I'm scared it'll scratch. The rear of the car is WHITE and caked In the stuff.

Any suggestions folks?


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you can safely wash it with a good quality lamps wool wash mit

using the two bucket method ....

one bucket with soapy water in and anouther with clean water

get the wash mit soapy, use on car rinise in clean water bucket, soap up again, use on car, rinise in clean water ... and soo on ..

Also it is a good idea to use two wash mits one for the lower half (below the trim strip on the doors) and the other for above

Wash the lower part first, wheel arches and wheels change water in both buckets and move on with the next mit washing the whole car even the bits you just done

Do you have a presure washer? and a snow lance? if you snow foam it first leave it to soak then wash it the salt will be easier to get off

failling that, this is what i do, i dont have a presure washer, give it a good soak with the hose with just water first :thumbsup
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