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Amsel thanks for the reply, I have searched the forum and l
and came across the post for the X3. Think the problem with the x3 was the connection behind the passanger seat, i have checked this out and all is okay. the water is leaking from the front of the cabin under the dash board, however the hose disapeears over the electrical harness heading over the bellhousing, going to put the passanger seat and carpets back togheter today, and remove the drivers seat and lift carpets to see if i can find the connector. problem is the front carpet is one peice and it runs over the bell housing, so difficult to remove, looks like the centre consul would have to be removed. im sick of bmw already £45k for a car thats starting to give me some nigggly problems battery flat issues, built in swimming pool. (any how thanks for the reply). Think i will buy a jap four wheeler next.
mr t
Hi moffat,

I own an 2007 x5 and when it was just out of warranty by 4 1/2 month I had the same soaking wet carpets and a virtually flat battery. It all happened around the cold spell we had which was about the same time as your problems came to head, being mid December time for my problems. As I stated, my carpets were soaked and batter too on its way out.

Took it to BMW to diagnose the wet fault and the washer hose was to blame. The battery was not acceptable either in there opinion, which needed replacing.

End result,,,,, they completed my hose repair and replaced with a new battery. The hose was a huge job, all seats/dash and carpets had to come out, £2500 bill, apparently. The battery a straight forward job.

The works were done via a "BMW Good Will Gesture Plan", so the huge majority of the work was paid for. I had to pay £388 towards the labour on the hose replacement. Battery was completely free of charge. So in all a good result for me..

For the record my X5 has 18,000 miles on the clock, so its low milege for its 3 yr 5 month age.

Hope your all sorted too now, good luck...
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