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Morning Everyone,

I have an error code on the car that I'm needing some help with please,

"rear left and right stage two brake lights"

the code is showing but the lights are are working ??

left right and upper mid section of the tailgate roof, been doing some digging and found online that it could be the cluster that's on the actual tailgate that might be the problem.

before I replaced these all lights were working, side lights, fog lights, left and right turn signals, I know the clusters on the tailgate are prone for letting in water, I have now replaced them (oem magneti maerlli) but the car is still showing the code, yet all the lights are still working.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


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There still working as the brake switch is "two stage"
When the one stage stops working the other stage still operates the brake lights so the cars behind you don't run in to the back of you
BMW have been using this type of brake switch since the late 80s I believe
My E36 did this kept showing "brake control" message but all brake lights were working I changed the brake switch and the message went away
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